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Our Ministries

Gen X

Generation X Student Ministry exists to bring teens to have an encounter with Jesus. Our focus is on developing gifting and passion within our students so that they can impact their friends and families with the love and power of Jesus.


Our Young Adult Ministry is geared towards adults ranging from the ages of 19-35. We believe that the young adults of this generation have not had their wings clipped by religion but rather have not been taught how to fly. We believe that through the teachings based on God the Father, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit we will be able to take you to living out your purpose in the Kingdom of God.By plugging into our flight rooms(small groups) or one of our monthly services (The Runway) you will be taking the first step to prepare yourself for takeoff in the kingdom.  Please feel free to reach out to us at to learn more about our ministry. 


Men’s Ministry 

Anchored Up Men’s ministry was established to build, guide, encourage and disciple men for the Kingdom of God. Once they have had a true encounter with Christ Jesus, we want to demonstrate and guide them towards Gods love and a path of peace , passion & victory. We want to share our vision with the men to prepare them with Godly fundamentals to go out and establish the great commission, which is to save souls. 

By putting God first in all that they do, this will help establish how to be men but most importantly how to be Kingdom minded and led by the Holy Spirit. We want to help establish men who will be able teach in their home and lead in their church and communities. Lastly, we want them to have strong Godly values that lead to life of Worship for Gods Glory.

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