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We believe all scripture is inspired by The One True God. Jesus Christ was both God and man, he is one third of the Trinity. Although man was once good we have fallen willingly into sin causing evil and death to come into the world, breaking our relationship with God. We have been given the gift of salvation which allows us to restore this relationship with God. This gift was given to us through the sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross at Calvary. We partake in communion in remembrance of this sacrifice. Once we accept salvation we are able to receive the Holy Spirit. We believe in the physical evidence of the Holy Spirit. After salvation we believe in making a public declaration of faith and commitment to the lifelong journey to sanctification through water baptism.

We believe “The Church” is made up of those who have accepted the invitation of salvation. As a body we are called to seek and save those who are lost in sin. Those who are in leadership over the church have been called and spiritually ordained for that position to build up others. God has given us the privilege of being able to ask and receive divine healing.

We believe one day there will be a second coming of Christ. There will be a moment that believers, both those who have passed and those alive, will rise to be with the Lord. When Jesus returns He will rule one thousand years restoring Israel and establishing universal peace. A final judgement will take place for those who have rejected Christ. Finally a perfect new heaven and new earth will be established and we will live forever with God.

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